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Frank Loeliger 2007-02-23 23:57

acceptfilter for empty VCards
Hi together

in certain circumstances some outlook versions deliver vcards which only have set the FN information for a contact. I want to ensure, that it is
1) NOT deleted on the clients side (This contact might represent more than just this FN information in the clients semantic).
2) NOT added to my server
What would be the best way to accomplish this?

In a first approach I tried to use the serversides <acceptfilter> mechanism, which might not be the optimal solution as it reports an error 415 to the client.

Anyhow, I struggled with the TAF Syntax:

Following examples are well-formed in my context:

But what I think I need is something like the following Filter, which is rejected as not well-formed:


2007-02-23 21:30:13: not well-formed at line 1125 col 27
2007-02-23 21:30:13: Fatal error 20010, no valid configuration could be read from XML file

Any idea or support is very welcome.

luz 2007-02-25 00:39

Re: acceptfilter for empty VCards
The term "well-formed" relates to the XML syntax, not the filter's.
The "<" and ">" are making problems in XML, you need to write them as &lt; and &gt;, resp., or use a <[CDATA[ ... ]]> around the entire filter term - the latter is probably more readable.

Note that with the PRO server, you can also use a <processitemscript> to check a item's data and then reject it with error or silently ignore it (and a number of other interesting things :)).

Frank Loeliger 2007-03-15 22:04

Re: acceptfilter for empty VCards

It is obvious, after having read your answer

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