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Ole 2010-08-09 15:53

Not syncing changes in existing contacts

first of all I want to say hello to the users and thank the developers for bringing up a solution to sync my Android phone against my eGroupWare server. Further details about my configuration can be found below in my signature.

The problem I encounter is the following:

When I delete all my contacts on my phone and do the "Reload Device" everything seems to be OK. All the contacts from my egw-server get transferred to my mobile. But then, when I change the details of one of the contacts on the server and then do a normal sync, slow sync or update device sync the Syncml client doesn't seem to notice that anything has changed and it doesn't update the changes. It works in the other direction tho, meaning if I change contact details on the phone side the server gets updated by a normal sync. Creating new contacts and deleting also works in both directions. The most weird behaviour is, that when I create a new contact on the server side and then do a sync it gets on the phone, and when I then change the details of that just created new contact, the changes also get synced with the phone!

Then, after a sync when i edit a contact on the phone it gets correctly transferred back to the server on the next sync.

Maybe anyone got any idea how to get around this?


bfo 2010-08-11 11:47

Re: Not syncing changes in existing contacts
Sounds strange, in fact.

Your description reads like a time/timestamp comparison problem on the server side. So all changed server objects seems not to be recognized (and probably not sent to the client). So I propose to check the server settings and especially the current time of this machine.

If the server is not sending changed objects at all (you would see that on the "log" screen how many items are updated), the Android client has no chance to get these changes.


jnb 2010-08-11 21:04

Re: Not syncing changes in existing contacts

if it helps:

I am using the same phone and client version. My Egroupware server version is 1.6.003-2 (just installed the plain package (without SyncML extensions by Jörg Lehrke which you are using). I did not encounter the problems you are describing. Synchronisation of modifies contactsworks in both ways.



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