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R8tKa7uL 2011-11-09 07:39

Astrid sync

I read in the release notes of the 2.1.10 version that it is possible to sync with Astrid on android. But when I try to do so and want to setup this feature I could not find a thing in the settings.

Could someone tell me, what I miss?


bfo 2011-12-03 01:01

Re: Astrid sync
Astrid must be installed on the device.
Due to an Android bug, the Astrid provider info will not be visible in all cases when Astrid has been installed AFTER the Synthesis software.

On some devices, a restart of the device helps.
De-installing/re-installing of the Synthesis app should help in all other cases.

After that, the Astrid tasks switch is visible in the tasks settings.

Best Regards

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