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neomorpheus 2010-03-29 00:52

Sync failure
-Slow sync for events
-Successfully Completed
-Device: add 45, upd 179, del 45 items
-Server: add 0, upd 224, del 0
-Failed: device:1, server 0

This failure ends up causing the device to re-send the entire set of events each and every time. At first, I thought that it was the previous phone I had, so I did not do anything to troubleshoot this issue. Now, I have a new phone and after installing everything, I am still getting this error. The other irritating behavior is if I need to delete an event, I have to delete it on the computer's calendar AND the device. When this was working properly, I would only have to delete an event on one of the calendars.

I noticed that the sync method used was the slow sync method. I checked the phone and the setting is set to normal.

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