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yvelan 2009-04-20 14:49

BUG ? *Tags* categories in tasks views

I don't know if it's a bug, but when I sync my iPhone using syncml synthesis client with my eGroupWare server, it returns all the calendar categories ... in tasks views !
For instance, I have this :


[RANK 2]
[TYPE 0]
[UID todoz2336992.-730341405.1114769533]
[PARENT_UID syuid520725.212105908658048]
[RANK 2]
[COLOR #00A73D]
[TYPE 0]
[UID todoz62953552.-322828513.1114769533]
[PARENT_UID syuid381135.212105908655491]

All in tasks ... It's not a good thing .....
I haven't try to erase them, because I don't know what could happend.

Any Idea ?


PS : I have changed the categories with new colors ... should be in relation ? I don't think so ...

luz 2009-04-21 02:51

Re: BUG ? *Tags* categories in tasks views
This is feature, not a bug. The idea is that Todo+Cal's tags (categories) can be saved to servers even if these don't understand tags as such. Therefore, these are saved as pseudo-Todos. These are marked "done", so they usually don't show in server-side UI or other clients.

If you don't want or need this behaviour, just switch off "Include Tags" in the Sync settings for the todos.

yvelan 2009-04-22 22:19

Re: BUG ? *Tags* categories in tasks views
Realy don't think it's a good idea ...

In most apps, tasks does not appears simply as "done" or "not done" but with more complex filters (x days after, not begin etc ..). So theses tasks appears ....
Secondly, I don't know why but If I swich off "include Tags" in sync and try to recharge server, sync do not work (message "do not access").

Third, I don't know if it's in relation, but colors are not saved in iPhone client. It works, but some sync after, all is reset with new colors in categories (and never the same colours !...).

I try to understand how to change this ...


yvelan 2009-04-23 00:03

Re: BUG ? *Tags* categories in tasks views
Well, I have allways problems with categories and tasks ...

After reload device without tags categories :

- Colours of categories canot be assigned. In fact, I can assign a colour, but two normal sync after, all is reloaded wih other colours.

- And tags .... are allways in tasks in server side !.....

Grumpf ....


yvelan 2009-04-23 23:18

Re: BUG ? *Tags* categories in tasks views
I continue

It seems that there is a serious problem with categories.

Slow sync, reload client, without tags categories : all events are sync, categories are present in calendar but impossible to modify them. It seems that in order to modify categories, there must be sync with the tasks.

Reload device + sync all data with tag categories. Ok, categories appears in tasks and can be modify : I change colours (same colours of server side).
After that, I simply create a task on server side, AFTER SWICH OFF TAG SYNC. Normal sync : all categories are modify, colours are different.


I realy don't understand why cagories are managed as tasks, i'st the first time I see it in a client like this.


luz 2009-04-27 00:08

Re: BUG ? *Tags* categories in tasks views

I realy don't understand why cagories are managed as tasks, i'st the first time I see it in a client like this.
It's an option, and you can switch it off if it does not work with your server (it does with quite a number of servers), or if you think it's a bad idea.

However note that SyncML (more precisely: the vCalendar format) does not provide any support for tags beyond just listing them by name.

This means - if you want to store tags with attributes like color, rank, hierarchy etc., you're either out of luck, or you allow storing tags as pseudo-todos. That's why we have implemented it that way.

Furthermore, I don't think that all the problems you experience with sync are related to these extra todos - it sounds more like the server has some problems (note that eGW server is being worked on, and not all patches are already mainline, for example see here)

yvelan 2009-04-28 22:53

Re: BUG ? *Tags* categories in tasks views
I understand, but ...

How do you explain this :

First :
- I sync with categories and tags
- In categories management (in to do section), I modify colours
- I sync again, everything is ok
- I add a task, in server side or iPhone side
- If I sync, at this moment, all colours in calendar are reset, and I must repeat the categories management

Second :
- I sync with categories without tags
- I cannot manage categories in calendar on the iPhone, even if they are present

For example, in Thunderbird-Lightning, I can manage the colours of the categories independently, and sync don't affetc this. Obviously, I know that syncml don't sync categories attributes.

In my Palm, which use also a Synthesis client, I can do the same (and it works fine ... my server is not guilty ...).


yvelan 2009-04-29 19:16

Re: BUG ? *Tags* categories in tasks views
Precision :

After a sync, I modify my categories.

On server side, I can see :

[RANK 1]
[TYPE 0]
[UID syuid336042.212107825113345]

I think that "#6DA5FF" means that colour should be clear blue.
And that's what I see in iPhone client.

Can you explain to me why if I add a task, after another normal sync, the colour of this category is allways mentionned as "#6DA5FF" in the tag but .... appears GREY in iPhone ????
This is not a bug ?
NO, my server is for nothing about this.


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