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mcbride 2010-04-19 23:18

Configuration input bug on 4.x PalmOS
I'm trying to get the SyncML Client Pro working on StyleTap Platform for Symbian OS. (A perfect application for Styletap in my opinion, since the platform lacks syncing by conduits). Unfortunately, a serious bug prevents me from configuring the client, so I am unable to perform a sync. Note: This bug also occurs on real hardware: I dug out my Sony Clie NR70, and I see the same thing there.

I am able to run the software, but when I enter the profile settings screen, very often the text fields (SyncML Server URL, or Server paths for the various databases) contain garbage characters or empty boxes in the place of characters. If this occurs, attempts to edit these text fields result in a crash. Styletap will either exit or freeze; on the Clie, I get "Fatal Alert: DataMgr.c,Line:7386,DmWrite:DmWriteCheck failed" with a reset button, but the reset button does not work and I have to do a hard reset on the device to recover.

Styletap: v0.9.028
Clie: PalmOS 4.1

I reported this issue to StyleTap; they did some debugging, and indicated that the problem is in the Synthesis Client. Apparantly, "the program calls CtlSetUsable() on a field, when it should be calling FldSetUsable(). This clobbers the text pointer in the FieldType structure, and causes it to point to a different memory location, and that's where the garbage displayed in the fields comes from. It happens to work on Palm OS 5 devices because they keep shadow structures which behave differently than the FieldType structure."

(It looks to me like This issue could be a related bug)

mcbride 2010-04-20 01:56

Re: Configuration input bug on 4.x PalmOS
Correction: In searching for another email on this issue, I found a (very prompt) reply from Synthesis in my spam folders with a fix to test. It doesn't seem that the problem is fixed yet, but I guess it will be soon.

divB 2010-05-06 18:38

Re: Configuration input bug on 4.x PalmOS

I have the same problem

Is there any news / solution on this issue?

Regards, divB

luz 2010-05-07 14:08

Re: Configuration input bug on 4.x PalmOS
We released a new version of the PalmOS client ( which should fix the issue (according to feedback we had - I'm not a Styletap user myself).

One caveat seems to be that the previous version (the one that had problems with Styletap) should be removed first before installing the new one to make sure possibly corrupted settings are cleaned out.

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