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Al_ 2014-02-02 14:08

Occasionally all contacts are lost after sync
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Occasionally, after sync'ing contacts with SyncML between a phone and the server, most/all contacts are deleted on both sides (luckily, the contacts are still available on other devices, so the server can be reloaded; a subsequent SyncML reload of the initially affected client restores the contacts).

Looking at the log file on the server side (in part attached), I have to conclude that SyncML did not send any contact items but claims that all contacts on the client had been previously deleted. This is not true; there were appr. the same number of entries on the client device prior to the sync as on the server.

Prior to repairing the server database by updating from another device, I saved the relevant folders (~/.local/share/evolution and ~/.config/syncevolution), in the hope that this will help to locate the issue. I also have the log files of the server.

- server: syncevo-http-server, running on Ubuntu precise (12.04.2 LTS)
- most recently affected client: Samsung GT-S5360 (Android 2.3.6), running SyncML STD 2.8.6, SyncML engine Version V3.4.0.68
- two Ubuntu machines running evolution and syncevolution (neither ever had an issue, so far)
- one android (version 3.2) device with SyncML lite
- one android (version 4.) device with SyncML STD
- one iOS device (version 6.1.3) with SyncML lite.

How can I fix this issue?



bfo 2014-02-07 12:36

Re: Occasionally all contacts are lost after sync
Hello Al

the Android device has not just one addressbook, but several of them. The Synthesis app allows to configure which of them will be synced. Also the current number of entries will be shown. This might be helpful to locate entries.

If for any reason one of these addessbooks will be switched off, the next sync will remove them on the server as well, as they are out of the scope for the sync. However switching it on again will make them visible on the server again after the next sync.

The server log files does not contain any relevant info however.

Best Regards

Al_ 2014-02-11 22:48

Re: Occasionally all contacts are lost after sync
Hi Beat

Thanks for the explanations. Although I do not deliberately switch of the addressbook where I keep almost all contacts (I store just a few phone/provider specific on the SIM card), this might somehow have happened accidentally.

If this is the cause of the described issue then it should not occur, if the number of contacts displayed by SyncML prior to starting the sync is correct, i.e., plausible. I will pay attention to that number and get back to this forum in case the issue reappears nevertheless.



bfo 2014-02-12 16:27

Re: Occasionally all contacts are lost after sync
Hi AI_

thanks for the confirmation so far.
These settings shouldn't get lost of course.
It might be worth to update to V2.9.0

And yes, ... keep us updated :)!

Best Regards

carl 2014-05-13 15:46

Re: Occasionally all contacts are lost after sync
I was using the memotoo web service to sync with version 3.0.1 of synthesis, i then decided to abort - and then cancel and exit the application on the device while it was still running - My contacts then fully had disappeared on the memotoo server... I am really not sure if this was a server issue or a synthesis issue... The good news is that the data was backed up on the server so it could be easily restored...

Anyways, just to let you know...
Device: HP Slatebook x2, running 4.2.2
Synthesis version: 3.0.1
SyncML Engine:

Best regards,
Carl Eric Codere

bfo 2014-05-13 15:59

Re: Occasionally all contacts are lost after sync
Hi Carl

thanks for your feedback

Do you remember what operation was in progress ?
(you can find this in the log menu of the Synthesis app)

Was it a "reload server" or update server operation ?
Or a sync from an empty Android account ?

A slow/normal sync usually will not remove items on the server, even if connection is broken or canceled. A "reload server" will remove all items in a first step however. If you cancel it right there, the server's addressbook will be empty of course.

Best Regards

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