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twohot 2013-07-06 05:25

Divorcing Astrid or not?
Since the Astrid Team have announced their procurement by Yahoo. Its only natural to wonder how that affects other apps (Synthesis SyncML) that provide a tight interface for syncing to Astrid.

Should we expect Synthesis to migrate this level of interaction to another app like Any.DO? What's the situation?

bfo 2013-07-19 14:47

Re: Divorcing Astrid or not?
We will not remove the Astrid interface from our app, even if there are no further updates for Astrid, so the last supplied Astrid version should still work.

The positive aspect of Astrid was their provider interface for Android.
So it was relatively easy to access their database. Unfortunately other todo products are not so sophisticated concerning database access and they are behaving as closed systems.

If we get information about a similar provider interface e.g. for Any.DO, a task sync support might be possible at the Synthesis app for one of the next releases. If anybody can provide such information, we're very interested to hear about ...

Best Regards

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