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Dorowan 2006-12-01 17:58

Roadmap for the Outlook Client?
I wanted to ask for the roadmap of the outlook client. I would very much like to use a SyncML Client for Outlook that is as good as my Palm Client. The most important feature for me is calendar sync through a proxy server over https. Is there already a rough date when this feature will be available - at least as beta?

Kind regards,

luz 2006-12-04 00:01

Re: Roadmap for the Outlook Client?
I know that there are a number of people who would like to see more progress in the outlook client (including me, personally).

However, the obstacles are relatively high to get the calender done, because MS documentation is not very verbose here, and there are even things that need actual reverse engineering (recurrence pattern...) because they are not documented at all. And then supporting all those many Outlook versions that exists on all those different OSes and all those Exchange server variants will get expensive as well.

So we'd need a strong business case that guarantees a certain return on investment.

And that's what we haven't at this time, and so we don't have a roadmap for the calendar implementation as well - I'm sorry :(

Dorowan 2006-12-04 00:49

Re: Roadmap for the Outlook Client?
Thanks for your reply. It is totally reasonable.

After all a synthesis outlook client would be the only real alternative for private users to the nexthaus client. The funambol client is far from standard compliance but many people do not want to pay for a solution so I fear that though it is not usable with 'real' SyncML servers - at least concering ical-, vcard-, etc. support - it has a big market share I think. Then there is another client used by the german webhoster strato but it is not available out of their system solution.

I hope you find this lacking business case ... I fear Santa won't bring it this year ...

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