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peter.bernik 2009-09-29 15:49

Problem syncronizing

I need some help. I have problem with installing Synthesis SyncML Server (Standard version). I have read manual and I think I did all necessary steps.

The think is that I first try demo version...and it works.

Now I want instal standard version. I have MS SQL database. I have created database SyncDB and tables (with mssql script). I have created new user, give him all rights. I also created ODBC datasource - and the test at the end works. I also correct xml file.

Then I have set settings on my phone (Nokia 6120c). They are the same as I used them with demo version.

When I start server and try to sync, in the command window writes: switched to SlowSync because of Sync Anchor mismatch....and then nothing happens...after some time the phone report error: invalid host address (but the address is the same as in demo version).

Does anyone know what can be the problem? I can also give any detail information if needed (data, photos...). I can also give msn or skype address if it would be easier to help.

Thanks, Peter

peter.bernik 2009-09-30 16:10

Re: Problem syncronizing
I have found the problem.

There were 2 problems on phone settings:
-for calendar database must be entered events (not calendar)
-for contacts sync I first choose sync to server option, and than change it bact to both ways

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