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dzanq 2009-02-18 11:23

eGroupWare 1.6 Extensions
The current eGroupWare version 1.6.001 does support SyncML. Although the basic support for the Synthesis clients is implemented, especially the new Todo+Cal+Sync iPhone application is missing wanted features. I modified my EGW server to support the following extensions:
  • SnycML 1.2
  • Large Objects (MoreData)
  • all synchronization types (normal sync, slow sync, one-way, refresh)
  • synchronize Sub-Tasks with Todo+Cal+Sync
If you use EGW and/or want to try this extensions, you may download my patch from

yvelan 2009-04-20 15:56

Re: eGroupWare 1.6 Extensions
This patch does NOT work. It breaks phone numbers and calendar categories sync.

And no response of the developper in EgG mailing list ....


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