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brady4747 2009-08-22 17:01

trying to install on ubuntu
using odbc pro trial

I see the pipes created in /var/run/sysync

I have tried everything related at 777 so I don't think it is a permission problem

Looking at apache access log, I see access to /sync from Nokia Syncml CLient so I know the phone is getting to the server

Config is correct for odbc setup with mysql, but nothing is is getting written to mysql SYNC_LOG

Any clues where to look next?

brady4747 2009-08-23 00:28

Re: trying to install on ubuntu
sorry, this is ubuntu 8.10.

I did a sudo apt-get install build-deps apache2 then ran the Everything looked fine and mod_sysync2 is loading.

I think the problem is probably something with the odbc setup. Any hints?

brady4747 2009-08-23 00:29

Re: trying to install on ubuntu
the recognized distro as debian

brady4747 2009-08-24 05:33

Re: trying to install on ubuntu
also tried install on a debian 4 box and the same thing. Also tried on this one


server4:/# su www-data
server4:/$ isql -v mysql_sync_dsn
| Connected!                            |
|                                      |
| sql-statement                        |
| help [tablename]                      |
| quit                                  |
|                                      |

So www-data can connect with odbc to the DSN. WHat else am I missing?

brady4747 2009-08-24 22:27

Re: trying to install on ubuntu
As I understand it this is the process and where I am having a problem

Nokia(or other syncml client) makes post request to apache path set in Location Directive------>Apache Location directive tells mod_sysync2 to handle this request----->mod_sysync2 calls the odbc session handler and creates session in /var/run/sysync----->syncserv does diff engine stuff with odbc and client(this seems to be my problem area, nothing is checking database at all)----->sysncserv returns results to client

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