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acarlomagno 2010-07-05 15:33

Iphone syncml PRO client problem

I have used todo-cal-sync with our syncml server and works fine.

Yesterday I have purchased a Syncml PRO IPhone client and I have some error:

1 - First "slow sync" works fine
2 - Second "normal sync" ... the client crashed ... or I have this error "Sync failed: Error 10400"

Now I have always the "Sync failed: Error 10400" error ...

Why ?

There are different between 2 client ?


acarlomagno 2010-07-06 11:00

Re: Iphone syncml PRO client problem
another issue..

I have re-installed the client ...

First time slow sync ( contacs and calendar ) .. not works !

If I sync only contacts ... works fine!
then, I sync the calendar and works fine!


but If I synchronized togheter (calendar and contacts ) ... not works.. error 10400

please help me!


edeca 2010-07-10 14:45

Re: Iphone syncml PRO client problem
I have the same sort of issues. Often if I enable logging it will not crash.

First I used Horde as a server (my own one). The application crashed all the time.

I changed to use as a server. If I update a contact on there and do a normal sync, local contacts are not changed. Sometimes it will simply crash if something has updated. It seems the only way to update the contacts is to do a full sync (refresh device).

Lots of logs have been sent off. I hope for the next version will crash less, 6.99 is fairly expensive.

acarlomagno 2010-07-10 17:00

Re: Iphone syncml PRO client problem

I went back to todo-cal-sync iPhone client because the SyncML PRO don't works...

I have sended many logs and email ... but I don't received answer.

I hope that Synthesis release a new version soon


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