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peterkroon 2009-09-24 12:02

Sync erases events from PDA lying outside the sync date window
Events that are further in the future than specified by the "after days" setting in the event sync configuration are not synchronized. This is expected behaviour and ok.

However, if appointments are entered in my PDA with a date later than today + "after days", those appointment are erased from the PDA during the synchronization process with the Oracle Calendar Server of our University.
And also they don't appear in the Orcale Calendar.

In short, when making appointments during a meeting for the next meeting that is more than 100 days in the future (the max possible setting) those appointments get completely lost.
This does not happen when I enter long-term appointments directly in the Oracle Calendar. They are simply not synced to the PDA until they are less than 100 days away. But they don't disappear!

The response of the Universities' service desk is that I should consider their Oracle Calendar Server as "leading", whatever that means. In their view I should only enter appointments directly in the Oracle Calendar Server if they are far in the future, and should consider my PDA only for short term events.

My view is that this is ridiculous. In a true synchronization there is no such concept of "leading", "master" or "slave", unless I specify explicitly that I want an upload or reload of the PDA or the server.

2 requests:

(a) Don't touch events in whatever way, if they fall outside the sync windows.
(b) Allow a full sync without a sync window, i.e. allow to specify an infinite value for the before and after days.

(PDA is an HTC Touch Cell Phone with Windows Mobile 6 Professional)

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