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zeguigui 2008-12-01 11:11

Palm error 10500 / 20998

I am evaluating Synthesis SyncML client on a Palm T|X. I tried to synchronize to a Horde server, a custom Funambol server and ScheduleWorld.

Tasks and events synchronize without problem.

However when I try to synchronize contacts I get an error right at the begining (contact #2): error 10500! Global error is then set to error code 20998 (which means internal error which does not help a lot!).

Note: I use agendus (last version) on my palm and my contacts usualy have a picture, 2 or 3 addresses, memos and so on. Agendus is supposed to use standard fields in Palm address database (Palm desktop is OK and displays most of the "improvements" in the memo field) so it should not be a problem.


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