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afx 2010-10-20 12:12

Checking logs
when I send of logs to sysntheis, what exactly is included?
Is the event description also included or only title/date/location?
It seems the log is stored in the private data space of the android app, so I can't look at it myself.
It would be nice if that log could be exported locally.
(currently trying to understand why some events have the wrong dates (probably a summer time offset thingy) and some don't show up at all.


bfo 2010-11-09 15:02

Re: Checking logs
the logfile contains all relevant information of the sync session including all contacts and events records, but of course no passwords.

There is an easy way to have a look at this log file: Instead of sending the log files to Synthesis at the end of a sync session, choose "keep logs", then they will be copied to the SDcard's download directory as "sysynclib_android_...
(where the filename contains the time of the sync session and the session identifier). The file format is html and can be inspected with every browser.

Log files can be deleted by clicking "delete" in the log menu.


afx 2010-11-30 14:12

Re: Checking logs
Thanks that helped a lot to identify messed up calender entires (the joys of Sogo...)

I'd love to see an option to store the log on SD instead of internally though, otherwise it gets really tight on the phone.


bfo 2010-11-30 15:15

Re: Checking logs
ok, we'll consider that for one of the next versions

Usually only slow syncs are creating huge files, so for normal logging this is not really an issue.

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