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reedhe 2008-05-07 05:37

Problem in syncing against Deom server3.0.3.4 over OBEX/TCP
These days I've been syncing my SyncML Client against Synthesis Demo Server3.0.3.4 in order to test the OBEX implementation and to see whether it works OK with SyncML Client.
After a successful (OBEX)Connect and Put command, I send a Get command to retrieve the first message generated by the Demo Server. The package is too long to fit in one OBEX message, they're separated in multi-package. According to the OBEX spec, the body header of the last chunk of the multi-package should be 0x49 to indicate that this is the final chunk, but what I get from the Demo server is 0x48 which indicate a chunk of the package but not the final. I wondered if this is a problem of the implementation of OBEX of the Demo Server3.0.3.4?

expect your response:)

luz 2008-05-25 14:15

Re: Problem in syncing against Deom server3.0.3.4 over OBEX/TCP
The OBEX implementation in the DEMO server is that of the Open Source SyncML Toolkit (

As most mobile platforms have their own implementation, I suspect that the SyncML-Toolkit's OBEX implementation is not heavily in use. We (Synthesis) also haven't used it beyond some basic experiments so far. We had zero demand for OBEX server so far, so fixing this part of the toolkit had no priority (we did fix a lot of things in the SyncML-Toolkit, but mostly in the decoder part and the HTTP transport).

If someone finds and fixes bugs in the SyncML toolkit project, we'll of course include it in future builds of the DEMO server.

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