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ezapato 2008-07-17 17:43

Failed: DB not found (404) - Date range unchecked

I'm using SyncML on a Palm TX to try to sync with ScheduleWorld. Contacts, tasks, and notes appear to by syncing ok (I've verified that I can see my contacts in ScheduleWorld), but events are not. Significantly, the date range filter is off (box is unchecked).

Here are some details:

Log excerpt:
- First Time Sync for Events
- Failed: DB not found 404

Version: STD for PalmOS, (currently on the 30 day trial)

SyncML Server URL:

Events: slow (also tried normal)
Server Path: cal (also tried events and Calendar)
Date range: box unchecked

I don't know if this is relevant at all, but for a short while, I had the trial version of the GooSync client simultaneously installed. The GooSync client looks like it's the Synthesis client with several settings locked into GooSync's servers. Could there be some sort of conflict between settings files?

Thanks all,

ezapato 2008-07-17 17:53

Re: Failed: DB not found (404) - Date range unchecked
Never mind!

I uninstalled the Goosync client and still had the same problem. Then I deleted the Synthesis client, reinstalled it, and it works now!

Now I'm off to see how well it worked!


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