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Default Re: Calendar sync with "Todo+Cal+Sync” does not work

Unfortunatly, older versions of the IntelliSync server (we get mixed reports from customers, it seems that newer versions work) have problems with SyncML conformance. The records sent are severely distorted and sometimes have little in common with a proper vCalendar/vCard.

If we can, we try to add workarounds in our client to make it work even with misbehaving servers, but there are limits for such workarounds.

Anyway, if you have a problem with an IntelliSync server, please switch on "log next sync" (in the server settings), run a sync, and confirm sending the logs to us. Then let us know when (date/time) you did that sync.
With this, we'll be able to analyze your particular case and see if something can be done in terms of workarounds in a future version.

Basically Intellisync should fix their server, but as far as I know the product will be (or already has been?) discontinued by Nokia, so there's probably not too much to hope regarding further updates.
Lukas Zeller,
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