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Default Problems Syncing HTC-Legend to Horde

Hi all,
i recently bought a HTC Legend and try to sync to Horde (current stable) and I'm facing similar problems like the ones desribed here:
To investigate the issue I tried different settings. Before I did this I disabled the phone's setting to sync automatically to google, so the contacts won't be transferred to google-mail even when using contact type.

1. Initial data (~200 contacts) on the server, phone empty:

a) Neither nor is activated in synthesis-app.
  • first sync (reload device) works, all contacts show up in the phone adress book as type "Phone".
  • following normal sync deletes all entries on the server (wtf?).
  • after that syncing doesn't seem to work at all.
  • syncing is very slow

b) is enabled in the synthesis-app
  • synthesis-client crashes immediatly after starting to sync.
  • syncing is very slow
  • it seems to reload the device correctly, but no contact appears in the adress book. the contacts are there, but not visible: if I then sync back to an empty horde server it shows the contacts in its adress book correctly. To get the contacts shown in the adress book: start adress book -> menu -> show (ger: "anzeigen") -> check both options: "Google" and "Show Google-Mail-Contacts" (ger: "Google Mail-Kontakte anzeigen").

2. Initial data on the phone (exported as vcard from server, imported to phone), empty server

a) Importing vcard-file to "Phone" adress book
  • No data will be transfered to server (reload server) independent of setting or as store to sync

b) Importing vcard-file to "google-account" adress book in the phone.
  • Using all data will be transfered to horde-server without problems.
  • following syncs seem to workcorrectly if you turn on both options: "Google" and "Show Google-Mail-Contacts" (ger: "Google Mail-Kontakte anzeigen") in the contact app options, as described above.

Option 1b and 2b is really fast and working correctly, but you have to provide a gmail-account. It seems that the synthesis client can only handle the contact types correctly but not the normal phone type contacts. I don't know the difference between "google-account" and "google-mail-contacts". There are the following adress books on my (german) legend phone:
  • SIM
  • Google
  • Google Mail-Kontakte anzeigen
  • Telefon
  • Facebook

Seems to work flawlessly.

Hope this helps improving the synthesis-client! I'll continue testing. Regards, something3.0
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