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Default Re: Problems Syncing HTC-Legend to Horde

Hello Beat,

I had a look into the logfile by myself and it seems that Horde sends the FN-field already containing two whitespaces. To confirm it, I exported manually from Horde adressbook as vcard and looked into the vcard-file and it also contains two whitespaces. Seems to be a bug in the (relatively new) Horde Webmail 1.2.7.

Unfortunatly there is another (unrelated) Problem if I create a new adressbook (com.sysynth) and do not use the google-adressbook:

I cannot add new contacts to this adressebook with the app in the phone. There are only "SIM", "Phone internal" and "Google" as adressbooks to choose from when I create new entries, but not com.sysynth. I also cannot edit entries in this newly created adressbook!


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