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Default Re: BUG ? *Tags* categories in tasks views

I realy don't understand why cagories are managed as tasks, i'st the first time I see it in a client like this.
It's an option, and you can switch it off if it does not work with your server (it does with quite a number of servers), or if you think it's a bad idea.

However note that SyncML (more precisely: the vCalendar format) does not provide any support for tags beyond just listing them by name.

This means - if you want to store tags with attributes like color, rank, hierarchy etc., you're either out of luck, or you allow storing tags as pseudo-todos. That's why we have implemented it that way.

Furthermore, I don't think that all the problems you experience with sync are related to these extra todos - it sounds more like the server has some problems (note that eGW server is being worked on, and not all patches are already mainline, for example see here)
Lukas Zeller,
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