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Default Re: BUG ? *Tags* categories in tasks views

I understand, but ...

How do you explain this :

First :
- I sync with categories and tags
- In categories management (in to do section), I modify colours
- I sync again, everything is ok
- I add a task, in server side or iPhone side
- If I sync, at this moment, all colours in calendar are reset, and I must repeat the categories management

Second :
- I sync with categories without tags
- I cannot manage categories in calendar on the iPhone, even if they are present

For example, in Thunderbird-Lightning, I can manage the colours of the categories independently, and sync don't affetc this. Obviously, I know that syncml don't sync categories attributes.

In my Palm, which use also a Synthesis client, I can do the same (and it works fine ... my server is not guilty ...).

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