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Default Thoughts and issues


== Compatibility ==

I'm actually exceedingly glad to see the synthesis client actually able to sync with horde, and be able to handle self signed certificates. This is the first android client I've seen that can handle this correctly.

== Sync From / To issue ==

So I've been attempting to take Synthesis' Android client for a drive, and have found several things worth addressing:

One thing in particular I was hoping to find with the synthesis client was for it to more cleanly integrate with Android's 2.x account system, similar to what Funambol's client, Facebook, and the latest Google twitter application are doing.

I can understand the why/how for having synthesis sync from the already existing data stores (particularly considering that 1.x doesn't really have the idea for separate data stores like they exist in 2.x) however the usage case I'm specifically seeking involves the account setups:
  • I have a Google account, I want the data that's present in the Google account to stay in the Google account, and sync with Google.
  • I have a Facebook account, I'm again fine with that being a one way sync from Facebook to my device.
  • I have a twitter account, it acts similarly to Facebook.
  • I have an exchange server that I push/pull from, this opperates independently from Google and the two sets of data do not co-mingle when synced
  • I have an independent Account from everything else, where I do not (or cannot in the case of one usage scenario) have that data migrated to another service, however this data store has SyncML capabilities and I would like to sync it to my phone.

Currently when I attempt to sync the data gets pulled from one (or more) of the existing data stores and gets merged back into where I'm syncing to with syncml, which defeats what I'm trying to accomplish.

If the synthesis client exposed the same ability to create, and mange, it's own data store on the phone (similar to what funambol is doing with it's current client) my purposes would be served exactly. It would also be nice to have that integrated under the 'accounts' menu on 2.x devices so that it would be possible to have multiple syncml accounts, etc.

== Tasks ==

I realize that Android itself does not natively include a data server for tasks, however the folks at Astrid have been working on implementing this and creating a common way for applications to interact with the notes applications. Has it been considered to add compatibility with this so that tasks can be synchronized, similarly to syncing on Palm?
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