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Default Re: [Todo+Cal+Sync] BUG: wrong colours!

Sorry man, I have reported this in the past : this is because colours of categories are sync as tasks (yes, yes), and it brokes the sync all times you want to change colours categories.

It SEEMS to be a solution : check not to sync categories in sync task options. Well ... it do NOT work, allways the same problem : I modify colours categeories on my iPhone, unchek to sync categories ... and if I sync, all colours are changed on iPhone side.

Dev said to me that was the server problem.... Ok, I said that with the same server I sync with a Synthesis client on palm (and many other clients like Thinderbird-Ligntning with Synthesis client, yes yes, Outlook, Sony-Erricson phone...), and there was no problem like this .... My server is very bad, only with Todo+Cal client. On the other hand, it's the only client which sync categories as tasks.... search where is the error. Ok. End of discussion, no news at this time.

Only solution : do not sync tasks .... or, perhaps, the devs listen to us, but I don't think so.

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