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Default Synthesis stops at contact 350, and then "server error". How do I access log?


XPeria X8, rooted, Android 2.1, Synthesis Standard, 2.1.10

I'd been using Synthesis for a while, with no problem whatsoever.

This week, my rooted Xperia X8 decided to boot-loop, so I restored via xRecovery a full setting from a previous week. I don't think this is related, but I thought I'd might mention it anyway.

So I had to perform a sync between the phone and the server (Memotoo) to recover some newer contacts that got lost from the phone when I restored the data from the previous week.

When I did the sync with Synthesis, it defaulted to Slow sync (although I had set it to Normal sync), and started taking longer than usual. Then somewhere near contact 350 (out of 448), it just froze. It looked like nothing was happening anymore.

And then an error: "Sync Failed: invalid data from server (wrong URL?)", and "no changes" were made (as it says, although I actually thought that it would have made some changes). And the logs were sent.

I tried over and over again, and this happens near contact 350, sometimes at 370.

Since it takes long, sometimes the screen just turns itself off, or I change to another application to do something else, only to go back to Synthesis and find that it's doing nothing (it's back at the start sync screen, waiting for me to start the sync myself).

  1. What could this error be about
  2. Where do I find the log file? I read in another topic that I must set for it to "keep" the log, and it will copy it to the SD card. Why not an option to just store it there?
  3. Doesn't Synthesis work in the background? Must I have its screen always open to be working?
  4. Synthesis is pretty slow to load. Takes about 20s to load (black screen meanwhile) on my phone. Can this be improved somehow?

Thanks for any help.
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