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Exclamation Exception of type 'System.ExecutionEngineException' was thrown.

Hello All,
Please help me i am getting error in uiapp_cSharp project sysync_uiapp_calls.cs file.

public TSyError WriteSyncMLBuffer( ref SDK_Interface_Struct aCB, appPointer aSessionH,
byte[] aBuffer, memSize aValSize )
IntPtr ip= aCB.WriteSyncMLBuffer;
WriteSyncMLBuffer_Func v=
(WriteSyncMLBuffer_Func)Marshal.GetDelegateForFunc tionPointer( ip,
typeof(WriteSyncMLBuffer_Func) );

//Here i am getting exception
return v( ref aCB, aSessionH, aBuffer, aValSize );
} // Write

Please help me.
thanks in advance
Urvi Mehta
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