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Default Re: SyncML Pro Hangs PDA

This is interesting. So the PRO does hang even without using any AutoSync? Just in a normal sync? That might give a hint to track down the problem. If you can do that, installing the DBG version of the PRO would probably help as well (as it creates extended logs).

Originally Posted by hennoa View Post
First I installed the PRO version, which has all the features I'd like to have. I compiled all the necessary information for the profile and started a sync. The client then just hung with the message "receiving...". The phone was still working, but very sluggish and I could not kill the SyncML client without a soft reset.

Then I looked at the forums here to find out, that at least one user reported such an issue and also said, that the STD version is running fine.
Eventually I tried the STD version with my current configuration and guess what, it works. I have successfully sync'ed my contacts, calendar and tasks.

I checked the logs from the PRO version, but the program seems to hang just before the logging starts or can be written to the flash memory, so there is nothing I could tell you from the logs.

I'd like to get that problem sorted out before I buy a license, since this is the only client I got to work with my Kolab/Horde (version 2.2.2 but upgrading to 2.2.3 this weekend) server out of the box (for the STD version).

So do you have any suggestions? What additional information do you need?

Thanks in advance,
Lukas Zeller,
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