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Default iPhone TODO+SYNC bugs/wishes

Hi guys,

I bought "Todo+Sync" via the App Store and have to say the look and feel is great! Big kudos to the devs.

Of course I have some feedback ...

- Bug: Subtasks created on my server (using Horde 3.3.1 [1]) appear as stand-alone tasks on the iPhone.

- Bug: Subtasks created on the iPhone appear as stand-alone task on the server. Also, the parent task appears twice then on the server.

- Wish: Optional reminders for alarms with a due date. Wouldn't it be great if your iPhone would remind you of tasks which are due now? The due date is already in the task. Don't know if Apple allows that kind of functionality (no background apps ...), but it would be REALLY useful.

- Wish: Would it be possible to also sync notes? I'm pretty sure the Horde Framework for example supports notes via SyncML.

- Performance: An option to not sync completed tasks. I for example have ~2k tasks on the my server with >99,9% of them completed. When I sync the iPhone it process all of them every time (albeit at an impressive speed!). In my case that's unneeded and should be possible to turn off.

Anything I can do to help you debug the two bugs? I'm also the admin of the Horde server, so can trace anything you guys need.

The current feature-set the app is well worth the 11 EURs ... now if we had the notes and the calendar ....



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