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Default Re: iPhone TODO+SYNC bugs/wishes

I recently installed Todo+Cal on my iPod touch 2G (FW Version 2.2).

I'm very glad you came up with this solution for the Calender-syncML-Problem and your application is great - in general. I've noticed the following issues I would account for as bugs:

Syncing with my own Horde 3.2.2-Server, at first the Client got stuck with the message "waiting". I restartet the (slow-)sync several times. Now it's working allright. No idea what caused this.

I have about 2300 events in my calendar. All the calendar views need several seconds to become functional after starting the application. Would be nice if this "boot-time" could be a little bit shorter and the "event-overview" would not studder so much when I'm scrolling.

But the main problem I have is, that the events-sync synchronizes only up to "today" when doing a slow sync. New/Updated events added on the Server after the initial slow-sync are synced allright, but no event having been there before ever appeares on the iPhone. Since the Palm-Version of the syncML-Client works just fine, I assume there is something wrong with the iPod-Version.

Thank you for considering my observations.
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