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Default Re: iPhone TODO+SYNC bugs/wishes

I bought "Todo+Sync" via the App Store and have to say the look and feel is great! Big kudos to the devs.
Thanks for the feedback!

- Bug: Subtasks created on my server (using Horde 3.3.1 [1]) appear as stand-alone tasks on the iPhone.
- Bug: Subtasks created on the iPhone appear as stand-alone task on the server. Also, the parent task appears twice then on the server.
Most probably, Horde does not support the subtask relation in the synced items. vCalendar defines a RELATED-TO property for representing parent/child relationships, and Todo+Cal+Sync fully supports this.
Without seeing some logs (Can you send some? Just switch on "log next sync" under "server settings" and let the phone send the logs to us after the sync), I can't be absolutely sure, but I guess this is something for the Horde wish list...

- Wish: Optional reminders for alarms with a due date. Wouldn't it be great if your iPhone would remind you of tasks which are due now? The due date is already in the task. Don't know if Apple allows that kind of functionality (no background apps ...), but it would be REALLY useful.
They do NOT allow it at that time :-(

- Wish: Would it be possible to also sync notes? I'm pretty sure the Horde Framework for example supports notes via SyncML.
The built-in notes of the iPhone cannot be synced (Apple does not give us access to them). So it would require to integrate our own note implementation into the app. We'll see...

- Performance: An option to not sync completed tasks. I for example have ~2k tasks on the my server with >99,9% of them completed. When I sync the iPhone it process all of them every time (albeit at an impressive speed!). In my case that's unneeded and should be possible to turn off.
That would be a server feature. There are server engines (ours for example ) that support so-called filtering for that.

Another related note: The Todo app is designed such that if you switch it to "don't show completed", it will actually not load the completed todos, and thus a lot of completed todos will not affect performance. Of course, you'll still need a bit of space for the DB and slow syncs take long time. But if the server can't do filtering, this would be an option.
Lukas Zeller,
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