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Default Re: iPhone TODO+SYNC bugs/wishes

Hey Luz,

I'm glad to read your feedback!

Originally Posted by luz View Post
Thanks for the feedback!
Most probably, Horde does not support the subtask relation in the synced items. vCalendar defines a RELATED-TO property for representing parent/child relationships, and Todo+Cal+Sync fully supports this.
Without seeing some logs (Can you send some? Just switch on "log next sync" under "server settings" and let the phone send the logs to us after the sync), I can't be absolutely sure, but I guess this is something for the Horde wish list...
I've sent the log of a sync. Before syncing, I created three tasks on the server:

The latter two are - in horde - child tasks of the TEST_PARENT task. Lemme know if you need anything else to pinpoint the problem.

Also, the new calendar app is well done. But there are two usability issues:
  1. I prefer to (only) use the week-view of the calendar. It is the right-most - i.e. you get there by "wishing" the screen to the left 3 times. That is slow and painful to do on every app start. I think the first/default view should be configurable
  2. The week view defaults to display the earliest event in my calendar - which is years back. So I have to tip the "now" button on the bottom left every time. Would not "now" be a better default after the app started up?
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