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Default Re: Problem recurrence items get lost if they are changed as a item

Hi Quirinus

if the problem is on the sync server side I probably can't help.

As recurrence events are heavily tested with several sync servers and your scenario looks like a simple case, I have some doubts for the server.
It's known that the MDaemon server has some problems with VCALENDAR formats, see also our FAQ.

Nevertheless I'd like to help and look at a logfile with this scenario.
So please create again a recurrence event and sync it to the mobile.
Then change one occurence, as you've done already.

To sync with logs, just long click to the sync button and take the 2nd choice.
At the end let it send to the Synthesis server and keep me informed about sync time, URL, user name by email.

Best Regards
Beat Forster, Synthesis AG
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