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Default Re: Sync Android with MDaemon deletes contacts on server

When I activate my Gmail for syncing then my online Gmail address book gets filled with my MDaemon contacts. I don't want that. I just want MDaemon to sync with my HTC Desire phone contacts.

The contacts on my phone are not synced at all. The are just a few entries with <unknown> <synthensis>.

The syncml...mrk file contains:
2e32a58b4ca7427189e01dbb9af98146 413 20100603T152040
4a10c488afa042eaa6f661c9b14a6959 415 20100603T152040
cf853666682c4b649501a8839dc6d8dd 403 20100603T152040
d742409a9ca840808b6aacdc9b0bb822 414 20100603T152040

Is this correct?
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