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Default Losing contacts


I'm (was) using SyncML 2.40 Pro on Android 4.1.1 with eGroupware 1.8.004, but this also happened at previous versions of SycML.

Everytime I'm syncing my contacts and *anything* goes wrong, the contact list on the tablet (or phone) *and* the eGroupware egw_addressbook table is truncated to 1 or 2 items instead of the few hundred I have in it. And each time it happens I'm really happy that I have daily backups of my databases. However, it kinda sucks when I cannot login to restore the addressbook and I'm stuck with nothing.
I might be able to understand this if something really went wrong, but it happens even when pressing the suspend button.

This doesn't seem to happen to the calendar.

Is there a reason that this happens?
(Actually, I just updated to 2.41, but right now I've just restored my addressbook and I'm not really in the mood to experiment with it again if I don't have to..)

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