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Originally Posted by rsterenb View Post
However, when I restored the addressbook in EGW and synced to the device, all contacts were synced to Google (now 940 contacts in there, 7xx before), although I disabled this addressbook everywhere I could find it
To be exact, the situation is this:
- EGW-1.8.004
- Samsung Galaxy S3/Android-4.0.4/SyncML-4.2.1 Std
- Asus Transformer TF-300T/Android-4.1.1/SyncML-4.2.1 Pro
- Sync settings on SGS3 and TF300T are as identical as can be (Andoid 4.0.4 vs 4.1.1). The SyncML Pro has automatic sync disabled.

What shows:
- On the SGS3, SyncML shows 0 Google contacts and 237 Internal contacts.
- On the TF300T, SyncML shows 940 Google contacts and 237 Internal after the last sync from this morning. Right now, there are 1066 Google contacts and 110 Internal.
I didn't do *anything* with it until just now, checking the settings.

If this continues, I can see where this is going: the internal phone book will be empty because all contacts moved to Google. SyncML, set to only sync the Internal Phonebook, wipes EGW's in the process when syncing..

And I really have NO CLUE of what is going on! In Android, the Google, Facebook and SySync accounts are disabled for sync, and I'm only using SyncML to do sync. (The phone seems to behave better, but to be honest I'm not sure anymore.)
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