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Default "SYNC received too early"

hello, everyone!

I've been using SyServ_Demo_win32_3.0.2.2 server to test against my own syncml server, they works very well.

Yesterday, as the need of syncing lots of data, I changed the Synthesis server to SyServ_Pro_win32_3.0.3.2 with MS SQL as the database backend. The client and server can communicate device info with each other. But after client sending the sync data to server, then the server give back the 403 status code for SYNC command and say "SYNC received too early".

what does "early" mean? SYNC should be putting after some other syncml commands? But why it can works normally with SyServ_Demo_win32_3.0.2.2 server?

Are there anybody else also encountered with this problem?


best regards
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