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Question Re: Autosync isn't exactly automatic

Originally Posted by taroliw View Post
Personally, I've never seen it work longer than a day. I've gotten into the habit of manually bouncing into SyncML at least once or twice a day to be sure it's syncing. And, more often than not, it hasn't synced and wakes up to do it as soon as I open the application.
Thanks for the information!

I have another question: Do you normally have calendar alarm reminders popping up during that period where SyncML stops autosyncing or do you remember an occasion when it also stopped when there were NO calendar alarms?
And are you using a third-party calendar program or a third-party notification manager?

We think the problem could be related to multiple alerts pending and clearing the request for starting the SyncML app from the queue in the process of dismissing them, that's why I am asking.
Lukas Zeller,
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