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Default Re: Autosync isn't exactly automatic

FWIW, I'm seeing the same problem (SymcML seems to just stop running, and after that doesn't autosync till I launch it manually) on a Treo700w.

I notice that it seems to continue autosyncing ok as long as I don't use the device for any other programs. But if I launch another program, or sometimes even just leave the device idling on the "today" screen, then when I look at running tasks SyncML is no longer among them, and timed sync doesn't seem to happen.

When does the SyncML client emplace its system notification that causes the system to wake it up?

I did check to ensure that notification is being set successfully, using a tool that permits me to see pending system notifications. There seems to be one for Syncml. But I'll check again later to be sure it's still there. I've coded a few notification-using programs for this device, so may be able to dig into it a little if I can help solve this. The program is great otherwise!

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