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Default Problem width TODO task sync of different profiles


I'm testing the syncML client for palm devices at this time.

My environment is:

- Palm Treo 680
- Synthesis SyncML Client Pro for PalmOS V
- Server: Open-XChange 5

I have following scenerio: I have two Open-XChange accounts. Each OX-account has different TODO tasks. The Palm should contain the TODO Task of both OX-accounts.

On the Palm-SyncML client I have set the "Tasks" to "update device" on both profiles. But if I make a sync the SyncML-client removes all existing tasks on the device and gets then all task from the server of the currently selected profile. Thats for me the same like a "reload device" ... . The effect is that I have on the Palm the task of the last synced profile but never the tasks of both profiles ...

Is it a bug? Or is there a other solution for my scenario?

Thanks and regards,
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