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Default Autosync isn't exactly automatic

Hi there. I just purchased and downloaded the latest client for Palm, I am using this on an unlocked GSM Treo 650 against Oracle Calendar Server version 9.0.4. Treo software revision is Treo650-1.20-ENA.

It works great as far as synchronizing calendar events goes, but the autosync doesn't seem to work unless the SyncML application is in the foreground. Perchance I am misunderstanding how this is supposed to work, but I went through the forums here, google and the manual that downloads with the software and it seems that it should not need to be in the foreground to autosync.

If I leave the SyncML app in the foreground, it autosyncs on schedule no problems. If I switch to another app, like say the phone, it never syncs until I switch back to the SyncML app. As soon as I switch to the SyncML app, the Autosync satus shows "inactive" but then changes to display the next scheduled sync time.

I'm at a bit of a loss now. Can someone give me a hint as to whether I am just misunderstanding or perchance this isn't functioning as it should?


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