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Default Re: Autosync isn't exactly automatic

OK, new problem, same basic concern.

Syncing is automatic now and works as advertised, mostly.

I now have a situation where it does not seem to be working correctly, however. This morning I picked up my palm and woke it up and noticed that it had not synchronized since last Friday. Given my settings as noted below, I would have expected it to be syncing since midnight. Once I woke it, it immediately synchronized and has been working as expected since.

My autosync settings are as follows:

Top line of settings: M-F 00:00-00:00 battery greater than 10% autosync mode "Timed"

Second line of settings: Sat-Sun 00:00-00:00 battery greater than 10% autosync mode "Off"

Other time/condition: Autosync mode "Off"

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