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Default Re: SyncML client for Mac OS X Sync Services

So I found the Synthesis SyncML for iPhone pdf. Read it, we extremely disappointed to read about the calendar situation. Since it is the only reason we need SyncML.

I notice it says to go to the app store to get the app, but apparently it is not available to USA app store???

So I hope for one of three things, 1) Apple will open up the calendar on the iPHone to 3rd party access, 2) Another calendar app will appear that SyncML could sync to instead. 3) a SyncML product will be available for Macos iCal to sync to Oracle Calendar, which will then sync to the iPHone calendar (of course this would exclude WIndows users).

Here is hoping and praying this happens soon since the standard Smartphone will be selected in the next couple of weeks.
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