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Lightbulb iPhone Todo+Cal Feature Requests

I started this thread to open a discussion about new features I would like to see in future releases.

With the build-in calendar Todo+Cal started a new era for the application.
I must say Synthesis does a great job here. Playing with the new functionality I had some ideas for improvements:

1. Since the application does also handle the contacts I would like to see birthdays from my Contacts as kind of non-blocking all-day events within the calendar views. I'm not asking for an import or synchronization of birthdays as events because this has the chance to mess up the dates -- just integration in the views.

2. SaiSuke has a nice feature to jump to a specific date. If you tap on the date in the header of the calendar views, it opens a date picker dialogue and lets you select the date you want to go to. Good idea, don't you think?

3. The different calendar views deserve a little tuning. I would appreciate, if all views would use the month layout: One header which displays the current period.
For the day view is would e.g. say "Thursday 01.01.09" instead of "Calendar Day".
Only the list view may stay with the generic title.

4. A week view comes handy sometimes, too

5. Shouldn't it be possible to also pick event Attendees and Locations from the iPhone's Contacts. BTW: The "Location" entries have ABPerson.Kind = 1.

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