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Default Re: SyncML Pro Hangs PDA

Originally Posted by hennoa View Post
Yes it doesn't matter if AutoSync is enabled or disabled. If you could provide me with the debug version I will send you the logs, so you can analyse the problem.
You can download the debug version from (you need to be registered user of the website to get access).

This can be installed side by side with the regular version, and uses the same settings. Please make sure only one of both is running at the same time (explicitly choose exit from the menu to make sure the normal version isn't running any more before starting the DBG and vice versa). To make sure you have the right version running, have a look at the About screen.

The DBG version writes extended logfiles to /temp of the device. If you can send me these (, please zip the logs) for analysis, that will hopefully help to identify the problem.
Lukas Zeller,
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