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Default Connect via reverse tethering


Once in a while I'm in a location with no WiFi connection. But my Android device can connect to the Internet via reverse tethering with a computer that has Internet connection. This is great to use the browser, instant messaging, e-mail, and many other things.

Although there are some so-called reverse tethering apps in Google Play, the only method I found that works 100% of the time is this one from the XDA Developers forum.

However, not all apps connect to the Internet through this method, or have limited functionality, because they check for a WiFi or a cell network (3G/2G) connection, and if they don't find one then they don't connect.

It seems that Synthesis has this limitation, because it won't perform a sync when my device is connected via reverse tethering. It returns "Server not found. Check URL".

Any chance of adding to Synthesis the capability of syncing via reverse tether connection?

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