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Default Re: SyncML Pro Hangs PDA

Never? Does this mean you have to kill the app every time or soft reset the device? Even if AutoSync is turned completely off?
Even with AutoSync turned off the Sync never successfully completes. However after reverting the installation to the Std version it successfully syncs. On WM6.1 this does require the installation of the pro version to be uninstalled first.

To track that down, I have created a special build of the PRO client which has the SMS related code disabled. It also is a debug version which writes logs to \temp of your device. Could you please test with this version? You can simply install it over your PRO, settings will be retained, and you can later install the regular PRO again. See your private message inbox (here in your forum account) to find the download link.
I have downloaded the cab file and will be able to install it later today to trial the syncing and will report back with the logs hopefully in a few hours.

BTW: what server are you using?
The server I am using is actually Horde, a php based webmail application, who incidently recommend Synthesis SyncML. They use rpc.php, which if you visit can be retrieved from their cvs repository. I can provide Sync logs from the server side if required that may assist.
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