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Default "License not valid here"

Dear reader,

To synchronize with our CRM application we are using the syncML client.
During the evaluation period everything worked fine so we've ordered 3 registration keys from Realworks Netherlands (the developper of our CRM application, and contact for SyncML).

I've received the keys (3 times the same one??) when i enter it in my HTC S710 smarthphone running WM6 (NON touchscreen), everything seems to be fine.

When i push the button to sync though i'll keep receiving the message "License not valid here".
Realworks couldn't tell me what the problem is.

I am using syncML version STD for windows mobile.
Again, this is a device running WM6 and doesn't have a touchscreen.

We also use one device running WM5 with touchscreen, i haven't tried the key there yet because i'm afraid that it stops working aswell.
Shouldn't whe have received different keys for the different devices, since the use different versions of the SyncML client (touchscreen and NON touchscreen)??

I hope you can answer my questions soon, since i can't use my device to syncronize anymore....

Harm Cremer
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