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Question Could Synthesis Server Demo Version test with SCTS(DS1.2)?

I wish to evaluate Syncthesis SyncML Server (DS 1.2)with SCTS,so i downloaded the latest demo server and use SCTS act as client to test. After the first Test Case(101) launched,the demo server reported:
Started new SyncML session (server id=7152842110026139726)
> SyncML message #1 received from ''
< SyncML message #1 sent to ''
Terminated SyncML session (server id=7152842110026139726)

note: the above '' was configured in SCTS as client address(but the port 8888 is never used by SCTS)

The demo server received SCTS's request
(SyncML message #1 received from '
but SCTS didn't get respone
(SyncML message #1 sent to '')
and timeout in the end.

Anybody knows what's the error or the demo server doesn't support SCTS at all?
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