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Default Re: iPhone client?

Well, that's all fine and well. But there are competitors, like SyncJe (Nexthaus), who developed full solutions via jailbreaking already. I don't know what their plans are for the 2.0 crowd, but my advice is "get creative!" Apple has made it abundantly clear that it doesn't give a s*** about what it's customers say, or 2.0 would have included features like copy-n-paste. So why do we believe that they will hear additional cries from us about opening more of the API? Heck, they have legal restrictions on things like third parties writing applications that do simple things like provide point-to-point directions (using GPS)!

If you are aware who we should be writing to, I have a few hundred folks where I work who would LOVE to start a write-in campaign. Just tell us where to send our tales of woe and angst.